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released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


LEAN New York

divinely inspired riff worship

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Track Name: Outlaw
stand on top of a mountain
shotgun in my hand

living like an outlaw
living off the land

riding through the great plains
on the back of your wild steed

making friends with the red man
trying to make peace

i robbed a rail car
so now im running away from the law

i killed a preacher
so now im running away from god
Track Name: Left Hand Path
its cold
cant feel my fingertips
whiskey rotting in my guts
and i dont really mind a bit
this house is old
and poorly built and badly lit
get high just to go to sleep
you dont know so dont question it

i love this life
i said goddamn
just wouldnt feel right
without a pistol in my hand
i take this knife
my weekly sacrifice
god please bless me as i blow upon these dice

i go
out onto the interstate
forty miles down the left hand path
i go
off into another place
always forward never looking back

riding around in my automobile
highway driving ninety-five
cocaine at the wheel
on the devils road
there aint no light
a perfect way to spend a saturday night

cant see straight
demons brew
feeling great
i like what i do
god is here
hes in my soul
this is real
and im in control
Track Name: Vigilante
way down the line
i fought for my deepest sorrows
its not a crime
if you dont believe then you shouldnt follow
i killed a man
he was trespassing on my property
killed him with my hands
so now im going
i need to leave

im going down to mexico

escaping the truth
you can run
and you can hide
theyll never find you
if you go to the right side
modern man
trespasses on my dignity
a future so bland
so now im going
i need to leave
Track Name: Mescalero
riding on my pinto horse
the sun is shining down
got three hundred miles to go
to get to the next town
the devil on my shoulder
burns my insides to my bones
scranton pennsylvania
rather be in san anton

mescalero in the sun

my god left me hours ago
at the mason-dixon line
wanted as a godless soul
wanted for my crimes
heaven lies beyond the ozarks
out there in the plains
dallas texas coming home
leave arkansas in flames